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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Visit to the County Fair

Fall in my part of the country means the arrival of the county fair.  This year was no exception, so I made a trip across town with my husband to see what the Baldwin County Fair had to offer.  We were not disappointed.  We saw:
old tractors
chickens (fluffy, crazy feathered chickens!)
baby ducks
scary topsy-turvy rides
funnel cakes
corn dogs
prize-winning jams, jellies and pies
floral arrangements
children's' art
model trains racing around on lots of tiny tracks
and kazoo players.
So much fun even if we dared not eat the fried food (being well past the age where that is possible).   If you live somewhere that is close to a county fair then get out and enjoy!  It will make you appreciate all the simple good things that surround us.

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