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Friday, October 25, 2013

Stress Free Holiday Shipping

I know we all get tired of seeing Christmas tree displays appear in the big stores as early as July, but here we are staring down Halloween and beginning to have thoughts of what to give our favorite people for Christmas.
In an effort to make things as effortless as possible so you can actual enjoy Christmas, here is a simple listing of carrier deadlines for shipping in time to arrive by December 25. 
United States Post Office
December 14 - Parcel Post
December 20 - First Class Mail
December 21 - Priority Mail
December 23 - Priority Mail Express
December 16-23 - UPS Ground (varies by destination)
December 19 - UPS 3 Day Select
December 20 or 21 - UPS 2nd Day Air (with confirmed pick-up)
December 23 - UPS Next Day Air/UPS Next Day Air Saver
December 12 - FedEx Smart Post
December 17 - FedEx Home/ FedEx Ground
December 19 - FedEx Express Saver
December 21 - FedEx 2 Day
December 23 - FedEx First/Priority/Standard Overnight
December 25 - FedEx Same Day  (I have no idea how they do this!)  
These deadlines are for United States to United States shipping.  International dates differ so be sure to check with the chosen carrier for exact information.  
Now go have some cocoa.
Copyright Mona Vivar, Poinsettia, 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, acrylic on paper


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Power of Small Paintings

At the start of my painting career in the 1990's I mostly painted big (measured in feet not inches) abstract paintings.  I enjoyed the freedom of a large canvas back then, but big always came with the challenge of storage, transportation and studio space.  There was also the challenge of finding buyers who had the space to hang such pieces and the means to buy them.
But things changed.  I became interested with realism in all it many forms and liked the plein air movement with it's smaller format.  Soon I was painting impressionistic small and medium works.  I continue to follow that path.  I find it physically less demanding and certainly more convenient.  My work has a fresher, more spontaneous look too. 
Lately, I have tried my hand at miniature paintings.  Officially, the name of a painting that is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches is "Art Card Edition and Original" or "ACEO".   The art world phenomenon of ACEOs started in 1996 in Switzerland as Artist Trading Cards.  Now people buy and sell such art regularly.   
Small paintings are easy to transport, mail, display and enjoy.  They go anywhere.   A small painting done well can open the door to the imagination the same as a painting of any other size.  That's a lot of power in a tiny package!
Copyright Mona Vivar, Ibis Wade, ACEO 2.5"x3.5", acrylic on paper
Copyright Mona Vivar, Sweet Nectar, ACEO 3.5"x2.5", acrylic on paper
Copyright Mona Vivar, Van Gogh's Field, ACEO, 2.5"x3.5", acrylic on paper

Friday, October 11, 2013

Forget The News And Go To The Nearest Garden

As our governmental officials arm wrestled each other this week, I decided to turn off the news and go over to Mobile's lovely Bellingrath Gardens for an afternoon walk.  There is a lot of benefit to be had from strolling a garden.  
It is quiet--only birds, squirrels and bees going about their business.   
It is an easy way to exercise.  Bellingrath Gardens has 65 acres for walking.
It is beautiful.  
It offers a multitude of gorgeous subjects for anyone who takes photos, paints or draws.
In the end, it offers peace.  Wishing you many garden moments.

Copyright Mona Vivar 2013

Copyright Mona Vivar 2013

Copyright Mona Vivar 2013

Copyright Mona Vivar 2013

Copyright Mona Vivar 2013


Friday, October 4, 2013

A Visit to the County Fair

Fall in my part of the country means the arrival of the county fair.  This year was no exception, so I made a trip across town with my husband to see what the Baldwin County Fair had to offer.  We were not disappointed.  We saw:
old tractors
chickens (fluffy, crazy feathered chickens!)
baby ducks
scary topsy-turvy rides
funnel cakes
corn dogs
prize-winning jams, jellies and pies
floral arrangements
children's' art
model trains racing around on lots of tiny tracks
and kazoo players.
So much fun even if we dared not eat the fried food (being well past the age where that is possible).   If you live somewhere that is close to a county fair then get out and enjoy!  It will make you appreciate all the simple good things that surround us.