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Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Reasons to Take a Short Break From Your Art Business

If you are a self-employed artist you know that your business can easily consume all your waking moments.  And you also know that home chores can sneak their way into what should be your productive business hours.   It is a delicate balancing act to keep the flow going.  Keeping at it all the time can lead to boredom and dullness for you and your customers.  So take a little break.  It could be a few hours or a few days.  Here's why:
1.  The best ideas frequently come to you when you are doing something other than your business.  I find that the act of driving a car or taking a walk has produced some of my most creative thoughts.
2.  All work and no play makes you irritable and no fun to be around.  Just ask your family and friends.
3.  You never know what new venues for your work will appear if you go somewhere you have not been before.   A trip outside your usual area might uncover a shop or gallery that is looking for work just like yours.
4.  Your body will appreciate the chance to do other things.  Let those shoulders, back, neck, arms, hands and fingers really relax.   You will avoid unnecessary medical bills.
5.  Your creativity needs some stimulus.  We are self-employed artists because we want to create not stagnate. 
I took my own advice this week and spent three days away from my business.  I spent time with family.  I ate birthday cake.  I sat with my husband under moss-laden oak trees and watched kayakers slowly float by roosting white ibises on a shimmering river.  I came back renewed and ready to work.     


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