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Thursday, January 31, 2013

From Real Life to Still Life with Winslow Homer and a Conch Shell

Of all the subject matter I paint, I find still life to be my favorite.  The objects stay put.  The lighting I arrange stays the same.  I don't get bit by bugs.  I stay warm enough or cool enough.  And I can easily enjoy a cup of coffee while making painting decisions.

Today I used my big Conch shell and a Philodendron leaf as my subjects.  I also added a small postcard print of a Bermuda watercolor by Winslow Homer.   I like having an odd number of items for better balance.  Each of the items relate to each other in that they remind me of tropical beaches.  Here is the photo of my actual set up.

I did not want the burgundy background in my painting, so I cropped the image on my canvas focusing in on the shell, print and leaf.  I used a turquoise blue background in my painting.  Everything else I left pretty much the way the set up appeared.  I emphasized repeating shapes and colors in my painting, especially in the flowing curved lines of both the leaf and the shell.  I also made the colors warmer and more intense.  I like a lot of contrast.  I used acrylics because I enjoy their spontaneous nature.

Here is the finished painting.

Mona Vivar, "Conch and Bermuda", 14 inches x 11 inches, acrylic on canvas
Available in my Ebay store tonight, January 31, 2013, after 6:00 p.m. PST at
Images copyright of Mona Vivar 2013

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