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Friday, May 16, 2014

Finishing the Triptych

For the past two weeks I have been painting a large acrylic triptych featuring Denali National Park.  Today's post is the final installment of my mountain climb...

I am well into the middle stage of the painting commission, but have a fairly clear idea of what the final image will look like as I fill in the foreground leaves and flowers.  I begin to add snow on the mountains.  I fill in the lake and add some cloud reflections.

I decide that some of the flowers in the foreground need to be changed from deep red to purple.  I leave some of the red pink flowers on one canvas.

                                             I add more cloud reflections on the water.

I then add more snow and begin shaping the mountain reflections.

More of the same.  I decide that the yellow hill on the right is attracting too much attention, so I paint in green grasses to make it recede visually.

Here is the final version.  The mountain is fully reflected in the lake.  Clouds pass over the mountains.  Snow is partially melted because it is summer in Alaska.  The landscape of Denali Dream rolls on forever.

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