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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Delimma of Fast Acrylics and Slow Oils

Life is full of choices and painting materials are no exception.  For me, choosing between acrylics and oils is always my most difficult decision.  After all, acrylics are so bright, modern and fast; oils are so luminous, thick and slow.  I adore both!  So how and why do I choose one over the other?
The size of my painting frequently makes the choice for me.  A painting over 36 inches in any direction is going to be acrylic because multiple sessions and corrections will be needed.  I can rest assured that all layers will be dry and stable as I work toward completion.  There will be no chance of cracking paint.  I can work on the painting as much or as little as I like.  If I want the acrylic paints to blend more easily, I simply add a few drops of Golden Open Medium to my spray bottle and spritz the mixture on my palette from time to time. 
Mona Vivar, 30 inches by 40 inches, commissioned acrylic painting in progress
Smaller paintings allow me the luxury of choosing either oils or acrylics because I typically finish a small painting in one session "alla prima" (meaning "at first attempt") which eliminates the issue of multiple layers over time for me.   In this instance, the choice is simply a matter of preference for me.  Sometimes I want the lightening speed of acrylics to catch an idea.  At other times, I want to work thick, soft and slow to build a shimmering dream.  Both ways of working are delightful.  I think I will keep them both!
Mona Vivar, 11 inches by 14 inches, oil painting in progress

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