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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Impressionist Green and Red with Bonnard for Christmas

This week I bravely started painting a large (30 inches by 40 inches) canvas.  The subject is the interior of a quaint bed and breakfast in Carrabelle, Florida where I stayed during one of my many Florida wanderings.  I want to emphasize color and abstraction while keeping the picture recognizable for what it is.  The painting master I selected to help me with this task is Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867 -1947).  Bonnard's paintings are filled with color and often feature interior settings.  As you can in his painting below, he used complementary colors for visual sizzle.  The subject, a basket of fruit, is recognizable, but somehow it is almost flattened against the background.  Colors seem to melt into one another.  Beautiful!

 Pierre Bonnard, Fruit Basket, oil on canvas
Keeping some of these ideas in mind, I have begun my own complementary color (green and red) painting.  I am keeping the interior and the objects in it almost flattened to the picture plane.  The image below is my first stage which is mainly about object placement and blocking in color.  I am not finished with the piece of course, but am very excited about how it is shaping up.  Be sure to follow my progress in my next post. 
Mona Vivar, (unfinished work in progress) Interior with Ceramic Elephant, 30" x 40" 

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