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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I missed seeing Bigfoot while I was studying night skies with Van Gogh

I am currently exploring impressionism with several of the master painters of that genre.  Last week I worked through a few of Monet's ideas.  This week I painted a night scene using Van Gogh's creative imagery.  I am fascinated with Van Gogh's use of saturated colors and rich brush strokes.  He painted a number of night scenes, and I chose to study his painting of the night sky over the Rhone river in Arles, France.

Vincent Van Gogh, "Starry Night Over the Rhone"
Van Gogh's painting is truly magnificent with those dazzling yellows and blues.  I am especially drawn to the lighter section of sky in the middle of the painting.  I love his whimsical stars!
I applied the things I liked best in Van Gogh's painting to my favorite scene of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.  I used similar colors, brush strokes and, of course, those funny little stars.
Mona Vivar, "Starry Night St. Augustine", acrylic on canvas
I have a lot to learn from the great artists.  Each exploration helps me develop my skill and point of view.  Next week, I work with Cezanne.  Meanwhile, what's all the hoopla in the news about Bigfoot?  I haven't seen one lately.

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