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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Studio space in home remodel chaos

I am learning the benefits of keeping my studio set up flexible while in the middle of remodeling the house.  The good part of having a studio in a space that will be remodeled is that it doesn't matter where the accidents happen.  The bad part of having a studio in a post-remodeled space is that it does matter where the accidents happen.  Here are some pointers for all you home studio artists and crafters working in less than ideal conditions:

1.  Keep furnishings easy to move. 

This is at the end of a long, narrow great room.  Furnishings have wheels wherever possible.  Lights are all multi-directional.  Easel is lightweight but sturdy.  I put protective rubber interlocking matting on the floor to spare our new wood floor.  The cushioned matting spares my back too.  The matting is from Home Depot and goes by the name "Best Step".  It comes in packages of four interlocking pieces of two feet by two feet.
2.  Simple is better.
I need lights, easel, paints, canvas and my computer.  This is my corner where I have lightweight shelving units (easy to move).  I use my laptop to display my photos as needed for painting references.  You can see a spare piece of interlocking rubber floor matting behind the easel.
 This is my table for still life setups or when I need a flat surface.  I protect the table from paint with a plastic tablecloth from Dollar General.  More storage area is under the table.
3. Take advantage of vertical space.
This is a long wall in the same room that will be painted as we progress with the remodeling.  Right now I can put all the nails I want into it so I use it to display my work.  Seeing everything up is both inspirational and a great way to keep paintings out of harms' way.
 Here is another view.  This area serves also serves as our living room.  I can change the display easily, and the wall is a great conversation piece.
4. Be patient.  Most good things take time.
I invite you to post your favorite home studio tips.


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